What to expect

If you have happened across my page, allow me to explain myself as briefly as I can.

I believe film to be the best art form in the world. Period. I feel more at home in a darkened theatre than I do my own house, and as such, love to talk, sleep and dream about films. Whether its the plot, the characters or the score, we all have one particular film or series which sits above all others in our own minds. I want to share my passion with whoever may find it interesting to hear the opinions of others, because I believe discussion is one of the greatest social interactions us human beings are capable of.

So to be frank, this site will be used to post opinions, trailer reactions, film reviews, discussions, theories and anything else exciting that pops into my brain. You may agree, you may not, that is what makes film one of the greatest pleasures on earth, the fact that it affects each one of us differently as I can guarantee your favourite films vary greatly from my own. In short, if, like me, you love to discuss anything about cinema, consider this an open and friendly place to wander to every once in a while to view what nonsense I can conjure up in my strange old head. Il try to keep it varied as much as I can so hopefully there will always be something you’ll be interested in reading.

Hope you enjoy the content

-Dim The Lights


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